Драйвер MikroTik Прошивка MikroTik RouterOS MIPSBE 6.42

НаименованиеПрошивка MikroTik RouterOS MIPSBE 6.42
Дата добавления19.04.2018

What's new in 6.42:

- tile - improved system performance and stability ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);

- w60g - increased distance for wAP 60G to 200+ meters;

- bridge - added host aging timer for CRS3xx and Atheros hw-bridges;

- bridge - added per-port forwarding options for broadcasts, unknown-multicasts and unknown-unicasts;

- bridge - added per-port learning options;

- bridge - added support for static hosts;

- bridge - fixed "master-port" configuration conversion from pre-v6.41 RouterOS versions;

- bridge - fixed bridge port interface parameter under "/interface bridge host print detail";

- bridge - fixed false MAC address learning on hAP ac^2 and cAP ac devices;

- bridge - fixed incorrect "fast-forward" enabling when ports were switched;

- bridge - fixed MAC learning for VRRP interfaces on bridge;

- bridge - fixed reliability on software bridges when used on devices without switch chip;

- bridge - hide options for disabled bridge features in CLI;

- bridge - show "hw" flags only on Ethernet interfaces and interface lists;

- capsman - added "allow-signal-out-of-range" option for Access List entries;

- capsman - added support for "interface-list" in Access List and Datapath entries;

- capsman - improved CAPsMAN responsiveness with large amount of CAP interfaces;

- capsman - log "signal-strength" when successfully connected to AP;

- certificate - added PKCS#10 version check;

- certificate - dropped DES support and added AES instead for SCEP;

- certificate - dropped MD5 support and require SHA1 as minimum for SCEP;

- certificate - fixed incorrect SCEP URL after an upgrade;

- chr - added "open-vm-tools" on VMware installations;

- chr - added "qemu-guest-agent" and "virtio-scsi" driver on KVM installations;

- chr - added "xe-daemon" on Xen installations;

- chr - added support for Amazon Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) driver;

- chr - added support for booting from NVMe disks;

- chr - added support for Hyper-V ballooning, guest quiescing, host-guest file transfer, integration services and static IP injection;

- chr - added support for NIC hot-plug on VMware and Xen installations;

- chr - fixed additional disk detaching on Xen installations;

- chr - fixed interface matching by name on VMware installations;

- chr - fixed interface naming order when adding more than 4 interfaces on VMware installations;

- chr - fixed suspend on Xen installations;

- chr - make additional disks visible under "/disk" on Xen installations;

- chr - make Virtio disks visible under "/disk" on KVM installations;

- chr - run startup scripts on the first boot on AWS and Google Cloud installations;

- console - fixed "idpr-cmtp" protocol by changing its value from 39 to 38;

- console - improved console stability after it has not been used for a long time;

- crs1xx/2xx - added BPDU value for "ingress-vlan-translation" menu "protocol" option;

- crs212 - fixed Ethernet boot when connected to boot server through CRS326 device;

- crs326 - fixed known multicast flooding to the CPU;

- crs3xx - added switch port "storm-rate" limiting options;

- crs3xx - added “hw-offload” support for 802.3ad and “balance-xor” bonding;

- detnet - fixed "detect-internet" feature unavailability if router had too long identity (introduced

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