Драйвер Intel Intel WiDi / Pro WiDi Driver

НаименованиеIntel WiDi / Pro WiDi Driver
Дата добавления03.05.2016

Features Supported in this Version of Intel WiDi 6.0:

- New Touch First User Interface with integrated Remote capability
- Low Power Self Refresh
- Unified 32/64-bit Software Installer, using single file
- Up to 4k resolution with hardware based H.264 encoding
- 802.11n/ac Wireless PAN support: 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
- Support for Intel HD Graphics
- HDCP 2.2 Output Protection to support for DVD, Blu-ray and online content
- Multi-channel sound output: 6-channel 16-bit/48 kHz LPCM (requires playback application support)
- Support for Business (VGA), optional receiver feature
- DCM (Different Channel Mode) with Intel Wireless
- Intel Pro WiDi
- Support for Microsoft HW Mouse Cursor (Optional Receiver Feature)
- Content based Adaptive Bit Rate
- Intel Product Improvement Program (Telemetry)
- Intel WiDi app updates. (Application only)
- UoIP (Win7/8.1 only)
- Consumer firmware update for Actiontec WiDi consumer receivers
- Intel Pro WiDi Expansion: New branding defaults to Intel Pro WiDi with managed meeting capability when connected to an Intel Pro WiDi receiver.

Supported Platform Configurations:

- All Intel Core M and 6th Generation Core & Pentium/Celeron processors with Intel HD Graphics
- All Intel Core M and 5th Generation Core & Pentium/Celeron processors with Intel HD Graphics
- All Intel Core 4th Generation & Select Pentium/Celeron processors with Intel HD Graphics
- All Intel Atom (Cherry Trail) based processors with Intel HD Graphics (Windows 10/8.1 only)
- All Intel Pentium/Celeron (Braswell) based processors with Intel HD Graphics (Windows 10/8.1 only)
- Intel Wireless 3160/7260/3165/7265/8260/17265/18260
- Note: Pentium/Celeron processors are supported on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Intel WiDi requires the following software components to be installed and configured on one of the supported operating systems listed above:
- Microsoft .Net 4.5 Framework
- Intel WiDi-compatible version of the Intel HD Graphics Driver.
- Intel WiDi-compatible version of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software & Driver


- Copy the Intel WiDi “Setup.exe” to an accessible drive. Navigate to the location of the setup.exe file and double click on the setup.exe file, to initiate the software install.
- Click 'Next' to continue.
- Read License Agreement and select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click 'Next' to continue.
- Select 'Install' to start installing the Intel WiDi software.
- Follow the installer prompts to complete the installation.

About WiDi (Wireless Display):

Applying the Wireless Display (WiDi) driver on your computer enables the WiDi component that will allow the system to send multimedia files (such as music, movies and photos), as well as various applications, to a compatible TV.

Updating the WiDi’s version can fix a wide range of problems that might occur, include compatibility for various TVs, improve existing features such as video and sound quality, or add support for new ones.

When it comes to applying this release, all you need to do is get the downloadable package, extract it if necessary, run the setup, and follow the on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation. Don’t forget to reboot your system to make sure that the newly made changes take effect.

Therefore, if you consider installing this version, click on the download button, install the package, and fully enjoy the benefits of wireless display technology. Moreover, if you want to stay up to date with the latest updates, check back with our website as often as possible.

Имя файлаSetup.exe
Поддерживаемые ОСWindows 7/7 64 бит / 8.1 / 8.1 64 бит / 10/10 64 бит
Размер122.7 МБ
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