Драйвер OCZ OCZ Toolbox / ARC 100 SSD прошивки 1.01

НаименованиеOCZ Toolbox / ARC 100 SSD прошивки 1.01
Дата добавления30.01.2015

ARC 100 Improvements:

- Fixed a corner case issue with DDR corruption on 480GB capacity drives
- Improved robustness of uncorrectable error handling
- Improved read retry on bad block list
- Numerous stability and reliability improvements

OCZ Toolbox Improvements:

- Added formal support for Saber 1000, including additional SMART attributes
- Several host interop issues resolved
- Fixed potential failure to recognise update of enterprise firmware whose version number ended with 'E'
- SMART attribute table columns rationalised to only provide information supported by the drive
- Trim now correctly reports errors if it fails
- Trim operation corrected for file systems and distributions where it would previously have failed
- Option to create bootable media to update a BIOS for a system drive now performs BIOS update correctly
- Option to create USB bootable media to

Имя файлаOCZToolbox_v4.9.0.634_win32.zip
Поддерживаемые ОСWindows 7/7 64 бит / 8/8 64 бит / 8
Размер5.3 МБ
Поддерживаемые устройстваНе задан
Количество скачиваний421
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