Драйвер Cisco Cisco 6921 IP-телефон прошивки

Наименование9.4.1.3 Cisco 6921 IP-телефон прошивки
Дата добавления18.09.2015


- 69xx phones non standard Not Enough Bandwidth message absent
- "Not enough bandwidth" message shown on 69xx phones after call ends
- 6921 SiP: phone freeze when clear status message
- Default ringtones for 6961 phones not working in version 9-2-1-0
- 69xx phones display "call ended" after services message is sent
- 6941 Unable to disable corporate directory
- Reset network configuration and set Admin Vlan it does not take effect
- 69XX unable to show conference details
- 6941 / 6961 phones may freeze after many successive calls
- RTPRx sent to 6941 phone, but no sound is heard
- CME 6961 - Cannot Tell Which Line has Message Waiting
- 69XX phone fails to play Multicast MoH, user hears Tone on Hold instead
- Service menu down when Publisher goes down - 6941
- Phone go to SRST when DNS server down and no ipv6 address
- 69XX Hebrew words/characters are reversed when XML is parsed
- EM does not work with service provisioning set to both
- CiscoIPPhoneInput backspace key broken if URL is longer than 171 characters
- The Digit dialed when an incoming number pops up are ignored
- Apply TX limiter to limit sending peak level under PSTN Mode
- CP-6921 RTPMTx sets TTL of sent multicast packets to 1
- Blind Transfer caused the line to "lock up" on phone
- 69xx phones non standard Not Enough Bandwidth message absent
- 6961 Active call timer resets to 0 in shared line configuration-the active call timer may reset
- 6961 freezes after many successive calls to it while a call is on hold
- Hold button stops working on 6961
- Switching from speaker to handset doesn't work on 6961
- Going off hook activates new call on idle line instead of answering call
- 6921 will not go into SRST if default GW is set as SRST reference in DP
- Unable to dial external phone numbers from their personal directory

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